What are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable masks

What are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable masks?

The advantages of disposable masks are: light texture, good feel, soft, full of elasticity, good breathability, can keep warm, can be stretched, can absorb water, waterproof, can exclude toxic gases, and the price is relatively low.

Disadvantages of disposable masks: disposable masks cannot be used for cleaning, their strength and durability are poor, they are easily torn, and they can only be used for eight hours.

Disposable masks cover a wide range of places and areas such as schools, food processing, electronics manufacturing companies, and so on. These are people-intensive places. The virus is easily transmitted. Therefore, wearing a disposable mask not only protects the individual, but also protects the individual while also protecting others, greatly reducing the spread of the virus and disease. Sex.


1. As the weather gets warmer, thick masks are very uncomfortable to wear, very hot and not breathable. Therefore, in this season, disposable medical masks are quite suitable to prevent general dust or poplar.

2. Wash your hands and face before wearing a mask.

3. First distinguish the front and back of the mask. Generally speaking, the darker color is facing outward, and the lighter color is close to the face. The metal strip is on the side.

4. This product should be stored in a relative humidity not exceeding 80%, no corrosive gas, cool, dry and ventilated, and clean environment.